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What is the Policy for Confession Before Receiving Holy Communion?
Attention all Orthodox Christians who have good health, transportation and live within the environs of the city of Sacramento:

It is requested that one come to confession on the eve of the day he intends to receive Holy Communion and not in the morning before Divine Liturgy for the following reasons:

The Divine Services on the eve of Divine Liturgy are an aid to spiritual formation and generate a proper mood for the reception of Holy Communion. Such church attendance is mandatory in order to partake of the Sacrament. According to St. Theophan the Recluse it is easier to receive Holy Communion if one has confessed in advance.

One who arrives to church in the morning with the intention to both confess and commune has too many cares. On the other hand, he who has confessed on the eve, comes to church eased with the sole concern about his preparation to partake of the Sacred Mysteries.

We have a practice to accept for confession in the morning the infirm, the elderly, those without personal transportation or living at great distances from the city of Sacramento. However, these persons should nonetheless have a blessing from their priest to confess at this time.

Without dire need and the advanced understanding of the priest, there are no confessions after the “Lord’s Prayer.”

What is My Financial Obligation when Requesting a Sacrament or Need?
Dress Code & Decorum

If you would like to take a photograph during the Divine Service, please, make request a blessing of the priest.


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